Sailing in the Golfo dei poeti 

Autumn weekends. The warm long hazy days of summer are over. Evenings are getting shorter. The colours are changing in the trees and there is a fresh crispness in the air. It’s time to pull your jacket out from the depths of your wardrobe.

Or is it…..?

When it came to the weekend, we decided it was time for ‘one last sail’ for the year before it got too cold and miserable (yes I hear you , I am becoming more Italian by the day….my Irish girl toughness is softening ever so slightly!).

We grouped up with some friends and charted the wonderful beauty that is 45” Botep and her captain Mike for the weekend.  We all jumped aboard on Friday evening in the Port of La Spezia.

After finding our cabins and exploring our new home for the weekend, on the Friday evening we walked across the bridge to the marina of mirabello to do some serious yacht watching.

photo-3 The stunning bridge to the Marina

Beauty in everything (this is part of the bridge!)
Giorgio Armani’s floating Palace

What followed was a delicious dinner of pasta with sausage and cream (I hear you light dining!) washed down with a few glasses of wine.  Lucky to have a chef with us on board!

It’s no surprise we slept like babies.

Which was needed as just after dawn on Saturday morning we set sail in the Gulf of La Spezia , venturing to the stunning harbor of Portovenere and circling around the Island of Palmaria.

When the wind is in your hair, and the sun is kissing your cheeks ….the whole world melts away.

How can you explain what the sea is to someone who looks and just sees water?


​Lunch time arrived and some crazy fools went swimming.  I on the other hand got shivers just watching them and took a much needed siesta!

Then more sailing and then another indulgent evening ensued with large plates of pasta served duck Raghu (yes heavenly). We ate like kings, and slept like babies (again).

Sunday was a day of sailing practice with a gusty breeze.  We worked up and sweat and enjoyed the wind blowing in our hair.

It is always simply a marvel to watch in wonder the waves caressing the bow of the boat.  Even some curious dolphins came to playfully say hello in the bow waves!

If you ever want to switch off from the world and view the majesty of Italy from a new perspective..,,, come ride the salty waves with us!

I promise you won’t be disappointed.


One of the most incredible spots in nature to have a church – Portovenere


I hope you are curious to experience the beauty of Italy from another view point and be serenaded by the wonderful Captain Mike, you can find him at his webpage Nema Vela or on facebook.