10 reasons to vacation with your scooter


10 reasons to vacation with a scooter

  1. Free parking: An unexpected bonus of travelling on two wheels – where would you display the parking ticket and would people be honest enough not to steal it if we left it on the windshield?!!  Fortunately in Italy, scooters and motorbikes (in most cases) get a free pass. At an average €1.50/hour this little trick paid for our nightly aperitivo!
  2. Parking in the best spots: all the towns and parking areas in Italy generally have specially designated  spaces for scooters and motorbikes.  If none exist you can still scooter on up as close to your destination as possible and squeeze in a tight spot somewhere – beating the chaos and saving a valuable 10 minutes walking time to the beach everyday – priceless!
  3. Top up your sun tan while on the move:  Not being enclosed in a metal box for your journey means you freely bask under the golden sun while you clock up those kilometers – warning – sunburnt arms and t-shirt tan lines a risk you need to be prepared for!!
  4. Breathing fresh air and escaping the air-conditioning: Now I understand why dogs hang their heads out of car windows!
  5. Minimalist packing: No room for a suitcase. Period. Prepare only what you need and then halve it – seriously, I still don’t use a third of the things I bring with me.  Back to basics and easy living is one of the best things about things about travelling this way.
  6. Skip the queues: Who enjoys sitting in a long traffic jam under the blazing summer sun when the beach is waiting?! The nimble scooter zips easily past all the stationary traffic – and it feels so good to feel that engine rev under the seat!
  7. Best way to enjoy the views: Road-tripping in a car is like travelling inside a giant goldfish bowl.  On the scooter there is nothing between you and the world.  You look around with brighter eyes, you travel a little more slowly drinking in the scenery.  You feel every curve – and every bump!
  8. Journey ‘off the beaten track’: On the scooter you choose the scenic route -after all whats the hurry? I’ve discovered many hidden wonders and seen beauty in every angle of the Italian countryside on our travels.  Just don’t let your vertigo get to you on the mountain trails!
  9. You feel free: you feel connected to the world.  After all, when its just you inside your helmet and you are surrounded by the wonders of nature, and there is the comforting sound of the engine beneath you its easy to find your zen.
  10. Its not your average road-trip: With a scooter, you don’t just travel to reach your destination – the journey is the destination, the experience, the adventure. Now go do it!


There are many more reasons to vacation on a scooter, what are your favorite ones?


Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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