Cross country ski virgin

Last winter I decided to try a new ‘sport’ or perhaps more accurately ‘outdoor activity’ as it really is open to all (yes even me).

It is where I am pretending to be sporty with the sole objective of justifying drinking a hot vin brule apres ski guilt free!

I was hooked at first ‘glide’ and so last week I had my first lesson of this season.  Officially this year we are in the ‘advanced’ group, not quite sure I have the same confidence in my ability as the instructors but heck it sounds good to me!

I’ve always been curious about cross-country skiing as I had never been a natural downhill skier.   I guess growing up in Ireland I learned it too late, so was always a little nervous about going to fast and falling.  So I was keen to try cross-country skiing but was afraid it looked a bit tough!

The reality is that it challenges your co-ordination, i felt like a duck on ice . My teacher Giorgio assures me that I will find my ‘harmony’ and rhythm sooner or later, but he’s clearly never seen me on a dance floor.

Even this week I fell flat on my face at least twice, very gracefully of course!

Chiseled men in tights slide past you.  They are mysteriously elegant and have the most wonderfully toned thighs . I mean let’s be honest ladies, why else do we drag ourselves out of bed at 06.30 on a cold dark Sunday morning?! Finally no need to go to the gym as it is really a workout in itself.

But i love it.  You are immersed in a breathtaking winter wonderland, silence, fresh crisp air.  It’s challenging but you go at your own pace.

There is a camaraderie in the group, as we push ourselves onwards in the middle of the forest.  By the way, no one told me you also have to go UP HILL on skis…. we climbed around 500m to reach the cutest little shelter (where you can sleep for the night and eat home cooked polenta).


We even saw a wild boar run across our paths, lucky he was fast otherwise he would have ended up in a nice red wine and tomato stew…..

Looking forward to next week!



2 thoughts on “Cross country ski virgin

  1. Your photos looks magical! We started cross-country skiing last winter as well. And there were some definite struggles with hilly sections (both uphill and downhill). But every time we get back out there we seem to fall a little bit less each time. And agreed – it defiantly is a fantastic workout!!


    1. Thank-you! Every time I get out on the skis, I fall a little bit more in love with the snowy mountains and end up grinning like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear!! 🙂 So happy you have discovered this amazing sport too!


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